Wednesday, March 12, 2008


My show on sunday was off the hooooooooook. jersey was in the building, we killed it. energy was amazing. i knew it was gonna be a crazy night when i seen my girls sade and sterling roll in with sick. Famous Firm was in the building! it felt so good to have my jersey fam and famous fam under one roof vibin with me. shout out to eli. i missed u mr bush but the show was off the chains. lights went out, power went out but show stillll went on til 1 in the morning and it was crazy. live band, red side experience was def one that should not have been missed... look out for jersey club tour dates goin down this spring. get like me

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Im wit my boy Steve at ORIGINAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES everything is real herrr im eating incredible strawerry pancakes with REAL strawberryes and REAL maple syrup and REAL whipped cream not the kind in the bottle but REAL whipped cream. steves my dude from scramble. realllllll hyped for my show on sunday. gonnaa be off the chains

i chose strawberry pancakes to go along with my theme of the RED side ha nah just playin but the red side is where y'all should be sunday. voros lounge at 9. paintin the world red homies

yo and dont that close-up pic of my pancake s make u kinda hungry ya self? thought so.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Through THE WIRE


Last night I saw this week AND next weeks episode of the wire and yall gonna be shocked when u c whats good (or bad) next week.

Yo and thanx 4 showin mad luv bout my mtgs. they all went real well. met with atlantic TWICE - def jam - jive and got one in LA with CEO of emi and one in miami with dj khaled. keep ya posted fammm real excited and even more excited bout my show on MARCH 9 better see yall there if u kno whats good 4 u lmao

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh You Better Do The Right Thing Like...

yo i realllly digg spike lee movies man!! love em

Friday, February 22, 2008

Where Is Neako This Week:

Where Will I End Up?

Ill keep y'all posted

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yo im bout to get the dopest flyest jacket ever. its from the san francisco 49ers. real real real real real real real vintage shit. yo i hate when everyone be tryin to look like everyone else. i like that real vintage, fly shit. yo i cant wait to roll into def jam with my fly shit on. the jackets from like 84.. . thats older than me!! everyone be wearin the same shit these days, annoyin as hell. but you already know your boy Neako got that old school fresh attire. ya dig. i aint know jv youngin, i'm a VARSITY RAPPER!!!


Guess who has a meeting at Def Jam today? no doubt ill let u know whats goody.. can yall c me makin the diamond in the air whenever photographers take ya boyz picture?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Get Like Me... March 9

Yo I had the best mexican i mean cuban food last night. took the fam out. mad classy spot, treat everyone like celebrities for real. when the bill came though i was like WOAH shits mad expensive but def worth it cuz i felt like a Cuban King there.

NEW SHOW DATE!! March 9! same day biggie passed but we celebrated real hip hop with the scramble experience that day in memory of him. you better be at voros lounge march 9 if u know whats goody

Monday, February 11, 2008


U already know i had to get my whip right for my meeting with THE PACT tomorrow--Their manager wants me to go on tour wit dem so well c if da opportunities right fo ya boy. Ill keep yall posted

Note: If all goes well 1 day da doors of my nissan 350z will open like dat

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Yo the hiccups is the worst disease ever. lmao but seriously i got me a real bad case and the shits real bad, it aint cooperatin. its frustrating for real.

My weekend was real family oriented. my fam represents the reallest Neako fans for real. Whether they in their 40s or 50s they spit every word of THE RED SIDE and soon as i put the shit on. saw my grandma and fav uncles but spend lots of time wit my bro Milly Esquire in the emergency room. he got a real bad toothache and we from the hood so we aint go no insurance or nothin. when we get sick its not like we go to the doctor- we hold in our pain until shits unbearable and then have to go the hospital. i remember last year i had a toothache for 8 months but i couldnt go to the dentist or nothin and it got mad distractin and hurt like hell when i was tryna spit in the studio or be in meetins with sick. my mom alma who i have tattooed on my chest was tellin me that obama really supports that kinda thing. i aint really into politics like that but now after seein milly suffer and hearin my moms and sickamore say great things about dude i'm all about Obama since he wants whats best 4 the hood and country with the health insurance.

After these hiccups finally go away imma be on my presidential shit fo real- gettin ready 4 da craziest show of da year on feb 24!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Call Me What You Want, I'm a Whole Lot FRESHER

Yo I was watchin Fresh Prince today and I was BUGGIN out cuz mad folks today b tryna dress like that now... all old school and shit... But I gotta lotta new ideas on my mind, real visual creative shit.

On another note been thinkin of gettin some more tats this year... some neck and stomach work- what u think?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Welcome Back

Welcome Back To The Red Side! The release of my official mixtape "Rubix Cube Series: The Red Side" = end of 2007 which we celebrated at Sickamores Bday Party. FUN night. Havent left the studio since but just got out 2update u guys on the life and times of a scrambler. Been going hard man- Performed at SOB's last week dope experience and now I have an even better show coming up... very exclusive and hot performance at the end of the month... I'll keep U posted.